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Urbanality - The Reason Why It's the New Addiction

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Steven Marty Grant
New York, NY, United States
Steven Marty Grant is a hospitality sales professional living and working in New York City. A former journalist, musician and slacking underachiever, his poems have appeared in The Writer, The Ampersand (&) Review, The Melancholy Dane, Spring Harvest, VVC Drama & English Literary Journal, Sleep-Snort-Fuck, Drink This Cola, Vivid Online Journal, The Flask and Pen and any web site with low enough standards to accept his work. His first volume of poetry "Another Hotel Room" is currently avaiable at Steven graduated from a school you’ve never heard of and had so many majors that even he is confused as to what his degree is in. He is married to a very patient woman and has the most perfect daughter any man could ask for.-

In my eyes:

If I could write about a man who has changed my perspective on the world as we know it. He is the master at his craft , and changes time and words into a reality we can touch with our thoughts. His poetry follows me through the day and keeps me warm at night. He challenges me to be a better writer and a better human being. I count every step and talk in rhyme wondering if they could add up to his very own rhyme and meter. He always draws outside the lines , he is a hero at best . Making writers like Whitman and Shakespeare seem like child’s play. I must say if you are not familiar with Mr. Grants writing then you have not seen life through the proper filters . I urge you to find is book and seek out his web site. For his corky humor, his genuine words , and clever outlook on the everyday wear and tear of New York grind. This is my personal Thank you to you Mr. Grant for changing this world through your eyes, and changing mine. - Amy Everett

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Public Enemies- News Day

During the first of several bank robberies in Michael Mann's Depression-era gangster movie "Public Enemies," a rakish John Dillinger ( Johnny Depp) spots a shabbily dressed customer offering his meager deposit.

"We're not here for your money," says Dillinger, all kindness and charm. "We're here for the bank's money."

They're the same thing, of course, as we in the bailout age have discovered. But 1933 seems a simpler time, when a bank robber could be a folk hero; the Mafia had yet to join the global economy; and J. Edgar Hoover's FBI was pioneering the phone tap using vinyl 78s. This richly textured era - seemingly ancient but still recognizable and relevant - makes "Public Enemies" feel less like a flick and more like a fable.

If Dillinger is a frisky fox, FBI agent Melvin Purvis ( Christian Bale) is the humorless hound. Driven by the merciless Hoover ( Billy Crudup, subtly psychotic and possibly closeted), the FBI suffers as many casualties as it inflicts. Meantime, Dillinger's sad-eyed girlfriend, Billie Frechette ( Marion Cotillard), seems to intuit how this bloodshed will end.

"Public Enemies" can be a somber shoot-'em-up; the secondary characters blur together, a stream of clenched jaws and bullet wounds. Stephen Graham, briefly playing the volatile Baby Face Nelson, alone triggers the nerve-jangling mayhem that usually defines the gangster genre.

Despite its wide-brimmed hats and high-crowned sedans, "Public Enemies" has its mind on the 2000s. The plural title encompasses the good guys, who resort to monstrous tactics - including torture - in their pursuit of monsters. Something about Dillinger's bloody, summary death has always nagged at the public; Mann is clearly urging today's audiences to draw its own conclusions.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Save Your Mortgage!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009
New Bill

As you may have already heard, President Obama released information about his new foreclosure plan for homeowners with details to follow on March 4th. This is part two of the government's attempt to fix this housing crisis. On Oct.1, 2008, a $300 billion dollar Hope For Homeowners plan made to target approximately 400,000 homeowners has successfully helped 22 people as of January 24th. That's right, 22 people in four months (Click on this link to see a FHA report sent to Congress last month). Now with a new bill proposing $75 billion, 75% less money to use than the last bill, how will this help 9 million homeowners?

Let's take a look at the few facts already available about this new proposed bill:

1) Lenders are not required to modify loans, it is strictly voluntary. This stipulation was set in the previous bill and will remain in this one.

2) Only first mortgages will be eligible for modification. Second mortgages can NOT be modified.

These two facts alone are already telling us that this bill will result in the same type of disappointment as its predecessor and will continue to acknowledge the fact that the only way to achieve real help is through an experienced attorney-backed negotiation team. Again, my company exists for savvy clients that realize the government is not in a position to convince investors to take ridiculous losses through small incentives.

Diamond Consulting Group guarantees results. The only thing the government will guarantee is taxes. Please feel free to call me with questions or to get started with your free consultation.

P.S. Did you know that the government holds preferred shares/stocks in banks like Bank of America, Citigroup, Chase and Wells Fargo? Something to think about.


Amy Everett
Account Manager
Diamond Consulting Group
27450 Ynez Road Ste 306
Temecula, CA 92591
Tel: 866-724-3863
Fax: 866-453-0588
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Regard to the government's new plan to save homeowners. The new "Streamlined Modification Program" offered by the Federal Home Loan Agency has been created to induce servicers and banks to workout more modifications with homeowners. They currently regulate about 20% of all currently delinquent mortgages. The target date for this project is Dec. 15th, 2008. Here are some quick things to know about eligibility:

Bank/Servicer must volunteer to enter this program
Loan to Value must be 90% or higher
Homeowner must be at least 3 months (90 days) past due on their mortgage payments
Property must be an Owner Occupied property
Homeowner cannot be involved in bankruptcy
Zero chance of permanent principal reduction
To entice servicers and banks to participate, the government will be giving them $800 for every homeowner they help. Most investors will stand to lose significantly more than $800 by entering homeowners into this program. Similar to the Hope for Homeowners program, a previously failed initiative that began on Oct 1st, 2008, there is no real incentive for investors to agree to this situation and many homeowners will likely have to consider destroying their credit to find that they will not qualify for help. If you need more information about this program, please contact me by phone or email.


Amy Everett
Account Manager
Diamond Consulting Group
27450 Ynez Road Ste 306
Temecula, CA 92591
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Save Your Home Do Not Wait

Are you behind? Barley getting by every month? Stressed you might lose your home? I can help. I work for Diamond Consulting Group. We are backed by the Government we are regulated by Department Of Real state. And have an AA Rating on the BBB. I work in all 50 states. What I do is I have negotiators and attorneys to renegotiate the terms of your loan. We will get it as low as 40% lower a month. We will get you a fixed rate , lower Principal. It does not require credit checks, the more your behind the more we can help. Every one will qualify as long as someone IN the home has a job . Please email me I will give you information or call 1-866-724-3863 ext.257 . Ask for me Amy Everett
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

How To Choose

So it's Sunday morning , and I have finally brushed off Friday nights intentions. Do you ever stand up there on the stage of life ? Watching your audience , And you sit there and wonder where will all this take you next. Are you in love with someone you can't have? Or someone who didn't call after your date on Friday? Maybe your in a relationship and you are not really happy. SO you hold on to memories and try to make them real, today. But they live in yesterday. My point is, to remember you are on stage, you are in control of everything. So make what doesn't ring true today , make it your past , and make what is true real. Never wait in line, Never be second best, never doubt in who you are and what you stand for, never let any one push you down. They live on your watch and if it isn't the right time, move on. It will be there regret , never your own.

Friday, February 27, 2009

When You Become The Other Woman

Think About It Ladies........

So at first you tell your self his wife/girlfriend just isn't doing the job, so you feel some what special he is coming to you. Or You just don't care but you want the excitement and the fun with out the commitment.Either way it catches up to you. Because in the real world when you see their family pictures after you have slept with him a few times , it will sink in and hard. You see, you become the crutch for them to not deal with their problems. He says she is crazy, distant, doesn't want to have sex.... Really? Well think about it... Maybe he has walls , obviously he does if he is skirting behind her back, she feels pushed away and bingo.. Intimacy slides, resentment sets in and she thinks he is leaving her so she gets paranoid. Does this make sense to you? So my point is. If he runs with her when it gets tough, what will he do with you?