Friday, February 27, 2009

When You Become The Other Woman

Think About It Ladies........

So at first you tell your self his wife/girlfriend just isn't doing the job, so you feel some what special he is coming to you. Or You just don't care but you want the excitement and the fun with out the commitment.Either way it catches up to you. Because in the real world when you see their family pictures after you have slept with him a few times , it will sink in and hard. You see, you become the crutch for them to not deal with their problems. He says she is crazy, distant, doesn't want to have sex.... Really? Well think about it... Maybe he has walls , obviously he does if he is skirting behind her back, she feels pushed away and bingo.. Intimacy slides, resentment sets in and she thinks he is leaving her so she gets paranoid. Does this make sense to you? So my point is. If he runs with her when it gets tough, what will he do with you?