Friday, January 23, 2009

My Favorite Band Of The Year -Check Them Out

Cross from Punk with a twist of violin and it's not the only strings they ill pull when you listen to their music. My friend Jay brought them to my attention 7 years ago. They still never leave the CD player or any juke box I can get my hands on.....

City Of Devil's -Yellow Card

Man once sang to me Look at you saving the world on your own And I wonder how things gonna be Cos the time here it passes so slow In a city of devils we live A city of devils we live Find somebody to learn Boy you gotta love someone more than yourself I can feel the fire of the city lights burn It's hard to find angels in hell Chorus Flying alone IFeel like I don't belong and I,Can't tell right from the wrong, why,Have I been here so long In a city of devils we live A city of devils we live Questions I can't seem to find To the answers I already have And you can't see the sky here tonightSo I guess I can't make my way back Chorus What if I wanted you here right now Would you fall in the fire burn me downIf I wanted you here right now Would you fall in the fire burn me down If I wanted you here right now...In a city of devils we live In a city of devils we live A city of devils we live In a city of…Chorus I don't belong Don't belong I've been here too long Too long

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Save Your Home And Your Mortgage -It's what I do

At Diamond we will negotiate your loan with your lender to get you a lower rate , a fixed rate, and a lower monthly payment. The worse of situation you are in the more we can help.

At Diamond, we have access to over 100 different banks and lenders which equates to access to over 1,000 different mortgage products to offer our clients. By combining professional expertise with direct access to thousands of loan products, Diamond provides the most efficient way to obtain financing tailored to your specific financial goals. When it comes time to buy or sell your real property let the experts at Diamond handle all aspects of your transaction from open to close. You are just one phone call away from all of the answers.

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Please contact me at I will get you into the program -Amy Everett

How To Survive As A Single Parent

How to Survive as a Young, Single Mother
By eHow Parenting Editor
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Being on your own and trying to support your child isn't always easy. Money my be tight, living quarters are probably small and you may be lonely, but just remember to stay positive and believe in yourself.
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Difficulty: Easy
Step1Find a support group for others in your situation. It's hard for friends not in your situation to relate and give you the moral support you need. Being around other young single mothers helps you realize that you're not alone and you can share resources with each other as well.
Step2Look for affordable housing in a safe community that's located close to your work. If possible, live with family to save money and have a supportive atmosphere for your child.
Step3Continue your schooling if possible. Whether it be high school or college, if you can make arrangements for childcare and have the opportunity to go to school you should go. As a young single mother furthering your schooling to help assist you in getting a job is imperative
Step4Get your child on the WIC program. WIC is a federally funded program that gives low income mothers food, health care referrals and nutrition counseling if you your child is under five years old.
Step5Sign up at the local food bank and if there comes a time when you're short on money, you can stop at the food bank to get you through.
Step6Look into childcare stipends. You may qualify for aid in paying for childcare. This will help you be able to work while you keep the cost for daycare down. Daycare is especially important for a young single mother