Sunday, January 11, 2009

Signs He Is Using You

1) He will keep you off balance by being unreliable - not calling when he says he will, cancelling dates without much notice.
2) He won't introduce you to his friends - he doesn't want you to feel the security of being part of his life.
3) He will talk about things you can do together in the future that, however, somehow never materialise - if you bring them up, he will have an excuse as to why they're not possible right now.
4) He will try to rush you into bed with him before you're ready - he may ask to come into your apartment every chance he gets, using an excuse like wanting a cup of coffee or to use your bathroom, hoping that he can seduce you once he gets you alone.
5) He will try to make you feel that you have a special bond with him very quickly, when realistically you know that you haven't dated him long enough for one to have formed.