Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Finest Drinks

Vod-Aid- Simple Vodka PunchDirections: 2 quarts of cherry Kool- aid mixed with approximately 10 fingers of the vodka of your choice or more in a punch bowl with ice. Try not to over power the kool-aid juice too much. This is a great center piece drink for a New Year's Eve party. Float thinly sliced orange peels on top. Serve in tall tumbler glasses with a ladle. Be warned with this drink that guest may feel the need to add their own liquor of choice to this recipe. You may end of with a very wild punch if you have sneaky guests.Emerald-Tini Vodka Cocktail-Directions: In a shaker stir 2 fingers vodka (I prefer Rain vodka with is a certified organic brand of vodka), 1 finger dry vermouth and 1 finger chartreuse with ice. Pour into a chilled martini glass. Float a twist of lemon on top. This New Year's cocktail has a beautiful color that your guests will love.Cranberry Candy Cane Shooters-Directions: In a tall shooter glass add 3 fingers of vodka. Fill the rest of the glass with cranberry juice. Stir with a candy cane stick and leave it as garnish as you serve this delightful vodka shooter.