Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poetry To Get Your Hands On

I can't keep up
With the imagesPouring from my hand
Across pages and continents
I swore, never again
Still I find myself dreaming
Of your skin
Touching, caressing
Making hours of moments
Shaking legs
Quivering lips
Bathed in promise
Your hips
I want them against me
I want you all over me
Tasting dreams
Between your thighs
Lacing reality
With a hint of your eyes
Smiling up at me
I'm coming inside
To wrap these bedsheets
Around our exposed surfaces
Composed and chaotic
We are entangled by promise
Hanging on to consciousness
By a thread
I devour your sweetness
Empower such sweet flesh
To hold tight against this
We are this bed
We star in this play
We're begging for breath
Chasing it away
With every movement
Embracing the darkness
As a mystery of flesh
Erasing all doubt
As we come together
Dress ourselves
In each other
For days
Like blankets
Thrown to the floor
You're glowing
With reflections
Sweating complexions
Impossible positioning
As if we were bathed
In heat lamps
My desire
To burn
Beneath a single glance
Of your bedroom eyes
Let's adjourn
To the welcoming arms
Of lust entranced
By passionate moans
And quiet determination
By rapturous moments
Swallowed by oceans
I'll bring the world
To your bed
All I want
Is your skin
Begging and pleading
To take me in
Bedding an angel
That I may steal
A glance at the heavens
That you may feel
The warming fires of passion
Every day
Til the bracing end
When you're lying sated
In the devil's orchard
Reaping the fruits of sin
This exquisite torture
Chasing every starlit sky
To restless mornings
Where I start against your flesh
All over again
I'm all over your skin
Begging to breathe in

Your scent
Saving the best for last
You came just for this
The moment
I press
My hungry lips
Across yours
In this moment I giveEverything
Just for
The only dreamWorth falling for.
Written-Michael Fink... Devlinthedrknss you can see his poetry on please visit his blog spot also. This is definately a writer to keep up with. He is one of the finest if not the best. Please visit his work . Thank you